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Blackthorn is an old Tremere dominated covenant inside a mountain in Wales. It is very active and very domineering in the affairs of the Tribunal and has managed to buy or cajole sufficient votes to have their motions consistently pass.

Blackthorn welcomes visitors on a short-term basis from throughout the tribunal and is the default host for Tribunal meetings, a fact which has irritated and isolated the magi of Voluntas.


Flumen ex Trememe - The leader of the covenant as far as any can tell. A very senior member of house Tremere, becoming increasingly decrepit, acts as Prima during Tribunal meetings; allowing her filus, Goliard to press the Blackthorn agenda.

Goliard ex Trememe - Flumen's fila and rising member of the covenant. Known to have hostile relations with the local Fae. Gauntletted in 1131 AD

Scintilla ex Flambau - Middle aged fire mage, known to be an active hoplite.

Focus ex Flambau - Scintilla's fila, gauntletted in 1185.

Trutina ex Guernicus - The senior Quaesitor in the tribunal. Known to be an excellent prosecutor.

Furtim ex Tytalus - Young mage, speciality unknown

Haeres ex Jerbiton - Exceptionally wealthy mage, known to have connections with a many Welsh barons.

Ifan ex Trememe - Goliard's Filus, gauntletted in 1201 AD

Gavril ex Trememe - Young Tremere mage from Transilvanian Tribunal, speciality unknown

Certus ex Trememe - Flumen's second filus, gauntletted in 1159 AD. Recently returned from time in the Iberian Tribunal.

Leandra ex Tremere - Certus' fila, gauntletted in 1201 AD